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Purchase with PaySafeCard

Discussion in 'Announcements and News' started by lion, Oct 21, 2014.

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  1. lion

    lion Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Unavailable right now.
    You can currently not purchase our cheats with Paysafecard!
    First of all, you can contact me by using this link:


    Please don't ask ''when does lion get online'', I check out the forum daily so if you send me a message it can take up to 12 Hours until you recieve your subscription. If you want to get it instantly without any delays you will have to purchase it by using PayPal.

    If you want to buy the cheat with a PaySafeCard then contact me (@lion) via a personal message using the template below. I'll upgrade your account when I recieve the code(s) as soon as possible.

    Wenn ihr den Cheat mit einer PaySafeCard kaufen wollt, schickt mir (@lion) eine private Nachricht mit der unten vorhandenen Tabelle und ich upgrade euch sobald es möglich ist.

    Price list | Preis Liste:

    Battlefield 3,4, Black Ops and Dirty Bomb: 0,4€ per Day ( Example: 20€ PSC = 50 Days )
    Modern Warfare 3 and ABP Reloaded: 0,6€ per Day ( Example: 20€ PSC = 34 Days )
    Lifetime Cheats cost 20% more
    Minimum for a order are 10€

    !!! German Paysafecards Only !!!
    PSC Code:
    PSC Code Value:
    Did you buy it in Germany?: MUST be yes
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  2. Yan0

    Yan0 EO Guru

    I sent the PSC code to lion and ten minutes later I got my subscription :)

    Very fast serv1ce !
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  3. ItsCreepy

    ItsCreepy Member

    The service from lion was very good and fast all was great ^^
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  4. Titanhdx

    Titanhdx New Member

    The service from lion was very fast and all was good and all works good
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  5. maxichan

    maxichan New Member

    Lions service is very quick, and easy. It last only 10 minutes to activate my Account.
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  6. xReal

    xReal Member Customer

    its fast and it works Lion is the best
  7. JoWa

    JoWa Well-Known Member Customer

    It's fast if you do everything correct, good job lion.
  8. TheBosS1337

    TheBosS1337 Member

    Lions service was very fast and everything worked, my account got activated just 3 minutes after i've sent him the code.
  9. Royalty

    Royalty Member Customer

    Good and fast service! Works perfect.
  10. lion

    lion Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Bump. Open again, until the PSC Panel is finished.
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  11. slaschi

    slaschi Banned

    Nice the service was very fast and good thx Lion
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  12. Mordekog

    Mordekog New Member Customer

    Very good and fast PSC service after 2 min Activatet thx Lion :3
  13. crakinkx

    crakinkx New Member

    I only have 2 psc codes because they dont sell 15 Euro PSC Here is it still Doable?
  14. Skyfail

    Skyfail Administrator & Coder Staff Member Administrator Coder

    @lion can only charge whole Paysafecards so if you send him 2x 10€ you'll get 34 days.
  15. crakinkx

    crakinkx New Member

    so is a 10 euro PSC an option so i get less then 30 days?
  16. Luigin4tor

    Luigin4tor Triggerlegende Trusted

  17. crakinkx

    crakinkx New Member

    Oke thanks guys :) guess ill get it myself in around 10 mins ^^ have a great day :)
    (is there a live detection status for the cheats) just curious
  18. Luigin4tor

    Luigin4tor Triggerlegende Trusted

    We update it as soon as we know the cheat has been detected.
  19. crakinkx

    crakinkx New Member

    oke thanks :) have a great day lads :)
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  20. xVasiZa

    xVasiZa New Member

    When will be the service back online?
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Not open for further replies.
This thread is more than 30 days old.