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Purchase with Bitcoins

Discussion in 'Announcements and News' started by lion, Nov 17, 2014.

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  1. lion

    lion Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Unavailable right now.
    You can currently not purchase our cheats with Bitcoins!
    First of all, you can contact me by using this link:


    Please don't ask ''when does lion get online'', I check out the forum daily so if you send me a message it can take up to 12 Hours until you recieve your subscription. If you want to get it instantly without any delays you will have to purchase it by using PayPal.

    If you want to buy the cheat with bitcoins then contact me (@lion) via a personal message that you want to buy the cheat with bitcoin as payment method and for how long. After I've confirmed that you've sent me the bitcoins I'm going to upgrade your account.

    Wenn ihr den Cheat mit Bitcoins kaufen wollt, schickt mir (@lion) eine private Nachricht, dass ihr den Cheat mit Bitcoins kaufen wollt und wie lange. Nachdem ich das bestätigt habe, sendet ihr mir die Bitcoins und ich upgrade euren Account.

    Price list | Preis Liste:

    15€ = 15€ BTC
    35€ = 35€ BTC
    55€ = 55€ BTC
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  2. 0x1n4T0r

    0x1n4T0r Member Customer

    Würde gerne per BTC zahlen. Jedoch kann man dir keine Pn senden.
  3. Luigin4tor

    Luigin4tor Triggerlegende Trusted

  4. Bosniaball

    Bosniaball EO Guru Customer

    Hat er deaktiviert.
  5. 0x1n4T0r

    0x1n4T0r Member Customer

  6. Luigin4tor

    Luigin4tor Triggerlegende Trusted

    @lion pls
  7. 0x1n4T0r

    0x1n4T0r Member Customer

  8. Luigin4tor

    Luigin4tor Triggerlegende Trusted

    Ja das ist mir schon klar, er hat es wahrscheinlich disabled wegen den ganzen Leute die mit PSC bezahlen wollen. Evtl. meldet er sich später zu Wort.
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Thread Status:
This thread is more than 30 days old.