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Looking for csgo steam account

Discussion in 'Searching' started by ErMagno, Nov 7, 2016.

  1. ErMagno

    ErMagno Member

    im looking for a steam account with csgo, only if without market cooldown
    or even a steam account without csgo and without market cooldown
  2. ErMagno

    ErMagno Member

    i can pay more if it has good skins
  3. TwIXx

    TwIXx EO Addict Trusted

    What for an Account do you need exactly?
  4. ErMagno

    ErMagno Member

    main got banned, because the phone thing
    so i need a new main, were i can buy skins, not for cheats, i dont cheat on my main, its just that i got banned and i had the same phone connceted to that
    my fault
  5. ThisKillcam

    ThisKillcam EO Addict Customer

    Just create a new account, buy a csgo key for 10 Euro, activate the steam guard and wait 30 days or get a new number, activate the mobile authenticator and wait 5 days.
  6. Death

    Death EO Guru Customer

    can sell you a global acc 20euros

    KINGWEEZY Member

  8. NMLS

    NMLS New Member

    Steam Community :: NMLS
    Rank: Global Elite, 150+ Wins, Prime Ready, Without market cooldown.
    Price: 30 Eur. via PayPal
  9. ErMagno

    ErMagno Member

    never cheated? yeah sure.....
  10. Death

    Death EO Guru Customer

    1 vastgelegde VAC-ban | Info
    71 dag(en) sinds vorige ban
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