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[H] 10€ Paypal [W] Private MW3 Steam Tool

Discussion in 'Searching' started by ALPHA, Mar 2, 2016.

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  1. ALPHA

    ALPHA EO Guru Customer


    I'm looking for someone who can code a lobbytool for MW3.

    Features should be:
    • Forcehost
    • Gametype + Map Change as Host before the game starts (so i can play domination in tdm)
    • Changeable player health (e.g. Person A and B have 150% Health, Person C, F have 50% Health)
    • 18 Players Lobby
    • FPS Unlocker (should be compatible with MW2 as well)
    • Hotkey for: NoClip, Toggle Godmode
    • And most imporant: VAC Proof and it should be only made for me, so no one else has it.
  2. Oh Rockits

    Oh Rockits EO Guru Customer

    Check your pm.
  3. ChilijoS

    ChilijoS Active Member Customer

    Roundlimit timelimit would be cool
  4. Yan0

    Yan0 EO Guru

    Its supposed to be private for Alpha only tho
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  5. florian2833z

    florian2833z EO Guru Customer

    Can I also buy it ? The features should be:
    • Select gamemode before the game starts
    • Set Lobby size (Player slots) anytime
    • Change gametime (in min)
    • Change scorelimit (in min)
    • Set player gravity
    • Set player speed
    • Set jump heigh
    • Select map
    • Set xp per kill
    • Freeze hp, ammo main weapon, reload main weapon, ammo and reload sec weapon
    • Change primary and sec via weapon id
    • teleport players to other players
    • Enable godmod for myself
    • Change name for myself
    • Change name of every player (except me)
    Missing nordiii's server control :c
  6. oschigamer

    oschigamer EO Guru Customer

    People these days..

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Thread Status:
This thread is more than 30 days old.