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    COD 2019 related errors below!


    • Problem: I'm getting error-code 0xC0000906
    • Fix: Disable any kind of AntiVirus/Firewall

    • Problem: I have switched my PC and want to use the Cheat on my new PC
    • Fix: Start the Loader on your new PC and follow the instructions shown to request a reset, DO NOT OPEN A TICKET ABOUT THIS

    • Problem: "Error 0x8001011F: This operation returned because the timeout period expired."
    • Fix 1: Downgrade to a stable windows version by leaving / downgrading from Insider Preview.

    • Problem: I'm getting error-code 0xC0000035
    • Fix: Disable SecureBoot, AntiVirus and Windows Defender

    • Problem: I'm getting error-code 0x0 Failed to authenticate
    • Fix: Disable any custom firewall and/or uninstall any AV

    • Problem: I'm getting error-code 0x1 Invalid parameter
    • Fix: Redownload loader and extract both files

    • Problem: I'm getting error-code 0x70 Not enough memory
    • Fix: Make sure there is free space on the SSD/HDD

    • Problem: I'm getting error-code 0x13D Failed to initialize session
    • Fix: Disable windows defender and uninstall any AV

    • Problem: I'm getting error-code 0xC000071C
    • Fix: Multiple pc restarts work, antivirus, Redist, /sfc scannow, clear temp files

    • Problem: I'm getting error-code 0xC0350006
    • Fix: Uninstall Hypervisor based security like some AVs (keep Kaspersky by following this tutorial), disable core isolation in system settings and Device Guard in the Windows Defender Settings

    • Problem: I'm getting a blue screen of death with the error SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED
    • Fix: Try to uninstall the intel network driver / rename C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\iqvw64e.sys and maybe disable/uninstall the AV

    • Problem: I'm getting a blue screen of death with the error CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION / KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE
    • Fix: Disable Windows Defender CFG

    • Problem: I'm getting "Sorry, This Application Cannot Be Run Under A Virtual Machine"
    • Note: Cloud-gaming solutions are NOT supported. There wont be a refund as this is mentioned on the sales page.
    • Fix1: Disable Intel VT-x | AMD-Vi/AMD-SVM in your BIOS
    • Fix2: Disable Hyper-V and Windows Sandbox
    • If none of them works disable Core Isolation > Memory Integrity in the Windows Defender Settings.

    • Problem: Windows version not supported
    • Note: As noted on our sales page, Insider builds are not supported.

    • Question: Does the HWID Spoofer work for other games/loaders?
    • Problem: I can't see the HWID spoofer / I checked my HWID with cmd and it does not seem to change
    • Note: The HWID spoofer is built into the cheat and it's always active (while the cheat is running), and it does only spoof for the game

    • Question: Does the loader leave any kind of traces, like loaded drivers?
    • Answer: It does not, just make sure to fully reboot your system first.

    • Problem: "<loader>.exe stopped working" or "The application cannot run..."
    • Fix: Try redownloading the Loader

    • Problem: "Cannot find Userconfig" or "failed to open userconfig"
    • Fix: Redownload the loader, extract it to something like "C:\EO\" make sure you dont rename the files

    • Problem: Loader opens and closes directly after
    • Fix: Try to disable/uninstall AntiVirus

    • Problem: Could not find kernel data
    • Fix: Update your system to the latest NON INSIDER build of windows

    • Problem: The loader wont start because of other instances running
    • Fix: Make sure no other loader is open, if that does not work, restart windows

    • Problem: Failed to initialize session
    • Fix: Try removing any antivirus / firewall

    • Problem: 0x2EE7, 0x2EFE
    • Fix: Change your DNS to for example DNS), DNS) or call your ISP to get help

    • Problem: The cheat wont load and I'm seeing a messagebox about the cheat getting updated
    • Note: The cheat is currently getting updated, there is no ETA, dont ask about it, yes your lost time will get compensated
    • Note: Asking about the update, any ETA or whatever in a support ticket WILL GET YOU BANNED

    • Problem: Error-code 0xC0000035
    • Fix: Disable SecureBoot, AV and Windows Defender

    • Problem: Error-code 0xC000009A
    • Fix1: Reboot your system
    • Fix2: Disable or uninstall your Antivirus

    • Problem: Error-code 0xC0000603 or anything like "NAL Driver"
    • Fix: Try to delete or rename C:\Windows\System32\drivers\iqvw64e.sys
    • Fix 2: Uninstall the "Intel LAN Driver" (Yes, you will still have internet access after uninstalling this driver)

    • Problem: This app can't run on your PC
    • Fix: Redownload the Loader

    • Problem: I can only access via cellular network
    • Fix: Change your DNS to for example DNS), DNS) or call your ISP to get help

    • Problem: I'm seeing "Failed to authenticate: 0x26B, The Hardware ID reset has not been approved yet..." / I'm waiting for my HWID to get reset
    • Fix: Wait for your reset to be handled, messaging staff or creating tickets about this matter will result in a ban.

    • Problem: I want to delete my accounts
    • Fix: Contact [email protected] from your registration mail including your username

    • Problem: My email has been banned
    • Note: We currently block all microsoft mails due to internal delivery problems, that includes but is not limited to "@live.*, @hotmail.*, @outlook.*"

    • Problem: I can't find the EFT, DayZ SA, Apex or any other cheat I see on the status page in the shop
    • Note: Those are private cheats and only available to staff

    • Problem: I want to change my username.
    • Fix: No fix, we do not change usernames.

    • Problem: My card/payment got declined but I still see the charge in my bank accounts
    • Fix: The charge is only temporary and will get released after some time.
    • Note: There is nothing we can do to speed this up

    • Problem: My card is always getting declined
    • Fix: Make sure your card support 3D authentication, call your bank make sure that it does.


    • Problem: I bought via Cryptocurrency, but my subscription is not yet active(I'm getting permission denied)
    • Note: Please make sure that your cypto payment has been confirmed on the blockchain

    • Question: Will subscriptions stack (e.g. I bought 3 days what happens if I buy 30 more days)
    • Answer: Your subscriptions will stack, for the given example: You will end up with 33 days

    Cheat General:

    • Question: How do I open the menu once I closed it?
    • Answer: Insert key

    Cheat specific:
    CoD 2019:

    • Problem: My game crashes randomly without any error message.
    • Fix: Dont use the scan options for aimbone. Its a known issue.

    Other games:

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