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Black Ops 2 EO BO2 Review

Discussion in 'User Feedback' started by Nemacket, Jan 7, 2017.

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  1. Nemacket

    Nemacket Active Member Customer

    Sorry for this quite possibly horribly laid out review, but...

    Reliability: 10/10 - Cheat has never crashed, game has never crashed, esp, aimbot, etc have never flopped up. Only ever been banned once, and that was for rage hacking. Never been banned otherwise, even if playing a little too obvious.

    Navigation: 10/10 - Very well organised. Other than being dyslexic, I cannot see why you'd have trouble navigating the menu.

    Personalisation: 8/10 - Can change settings to your liking, save them, and have them all ready for the next time you start up. Some keys like LEFT ALT I have not been able to set to aimbot or triggerbot, but maybe that is a me issue.

    Aimbot: 9/10 - Flawless, fastest aimbot I've ever seen or used, no bullshit. Only times I've ever had it not react were when I had over 400+ ping.
    ESP: 8/10 - Never had an issue with certain players not showing up on the menu. Only ever had a problem with the ESP box not lining up with the player. Would love to see engine chams added!
    Triggerbot: -/10 - Have absolutely no clue how to use triggerbot so I barely use it. Maybe it's as simple as I think it is, but I've never really had any form of triggerbot with cheats I've used work. Will have to figure out how to use it if I am doing something wrong. But I assume it's flaeless.
    Radar: 10/10 - Never had it not work or drop certain players. Useful as the eye behind me.
    Misc: 9/10 - Only use auto knife. It's very good, win about every match involving knives. I've never had it lunge, maybe also a me issue, so I just hide and ambush players.
    Colours: 7/10 - I do not use this very often, so I can't say, but the layout of the tab was very nice.
    Settings: -/10 - Don't use this either, but I'm glad it's there if I ever do decide to use it.

    Overall: 9/10
    Absolutely love this cheat! Thanks kokole for coding it, and EO for providing it :)
  2. Hackon

    Hackon EO Addict

    Triggerbot automatically shoots when you're hovering over an enemy. Not really popular in COD
  3. Nemacket

    Nemacket Active Member Customer

    For me it's unresponsive.
  4. broinator

    broinator Member Customer

    if there would be a triggerkey the triggerbot would be perfect for sniping... but sadly there is no triggerkey yet
    Nemacket likes this.
  5. Hackon

    Hackon EO Addict

    Well, in theory triggerbot does that
  6. Nemacket

    Nemacket Active Member Customer

  7. Hackon

    Hackon EO Addict

Thread Status:
This thread is more than 30 days old.