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EngineOwning for Call of Duty 8: Modern Warfare 3

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3' started by Skyfail, Sep 27, 2014.

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  1. Skyfail

    Skyfail Owner Staff Member Administrator Coder

    Supported Windows Versions:
    • Windows 7 x64
    • Windows 8.1 x64
    • Windows 10 x64

    Anticheat Status:
    • VAC3 - Secure
    • TeknoMW3 / RepZIW5 aCI - Secure
    • 1 Month Subscription: €14.99 EUR
    • 3 Month Subscription: €34.99 EUR
    • Lifetime Subscription: €54.99 EUR
    Supported Game Versions:
    • Steam (1.9.461)
    • TeknoMW3 / RepZIW5 (1.4.382)
    System requirements

    This software is dependent on the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 which you need to own in order to use our software.

    Coded by
    @ztsvvstz, @Skyfail and @191


    • ESP
      • 2D/3D Box ESP (Show Boxes around other Players)
      • Name ESP (Show Player names through walls)
      • Bone ESP (Show Players skeleton through walls)
      • Weapon ESP (See which weapon a player uses)
      • Aimspot ESP (See where the aimbot is aiming at)
      • Snaplines (Draws lines from the top/middle/bottom of your screen to other players)

    • Aimbot
      • Aimtype Damage (Aim at the players you can damage the most)
      • Aimtype Crosshair (Aim at the nearest player to your crosshair)
      • Autowall (Shoot through walls if they can be penetrated)
      • Silent Aim (Aim invisible, doesn't influence your movement)
      • Bonescan (Checks if multiple bones are hittable)
      • Prefer Head/Body (Either prefer the head or the body)
      • Multi HVH (Switch aimtargets after every shot)
      • Snap Back (Returns to your old view position when there are no targets)
      • Aimkey (Only aim on keypress)
      • Autoshoot (Shoot as soon as the aimbot has a target)
      • Autoshoot Delay (Delay your shots to not waste ammo)
      • Configurable Aim FoV (Only kill players in a specific Field of View)
      • Smoothing (Slowly moves your crosshair to a player)
      • Prediction (Predicts players movement)

    • Misc
      • No-Spread Silent/Visible (Remove weapons spread)
      • No-Recoil (Disable weapons recoil)
      • Uninfector (Uninfect yourself in the infected gamemode)
      • Force Class (Use any class you want)
      • Force Juggernaut (Spawn as a juggernaut)
      • End Round (End the round whenever you want)
      • Swap Teams (Physically change team, you can kill your teammates)
      • Anti Aimbot (Normal / Jitter / Riot / Static / Fake Static / Fake Jitter)
      • Fake Lag (Makes it harder for other cheaters to hit you)
      • Client Crasher (Crashes every player in your lobby)
      • Anti Crash (Prevents other cheaters from crashing your game)

    • Host (Steam Only)
      • Force Host (Always be the host & host migrations always migrate to you)
      • Map Changer (Sets the map for the next match)
      • Gametype Changer (Sets the gametype for the next match)
      • No Limits (Disables Score- and Timelimit)
      • No Killcam (Disables the killcam)
      • Unfair Aimbot (Kill players through every wall)
      • Masskill (Constantly kill everyone)
      • Anti Exploit (Prevents other cheaters from ending your round)
      • Namespam (Constantly changes your name)
      • Prestigespam (Constantly changes your prestige in the scoreboard)
      • Speedhack (Run as fast as you want)
      • 18 Player Lobby (Set the maximum players to 18)
      • Godmode (Never die again)
      • Invisible (Makes your player model invisible)
      • One Hit Aimbot (The aimbot will kill everyone with 1 Hit)
      • Unlimited Ammo (Never run out of ammo)
      • Anti Leave (Prevent players from leave, won't work if they kill the game through the Task Manager)

    • Radar
      • Engine Radar (Shows players on the minimap of the game)
      • Window Radar (Shows an extra radar window)
      • Show players (See other players on the radar)
      • Show explosives (See grenades on the radar)
      • Center Radar (Moves the radar window to the center of your screen)
      • Configurable size
      • Configurable position

    • Chams
      • Player Chams (Colored player models)
      • Wireframe
      • Weapon Chams (Colored weapons)
      • No Weapon (Hides the weapon)
      • Hands Chams (Colored viewmodel)
      • No Hands (Hides your viewmodel)
      • XQZ (Draws playermodels through walls)

    • Menu
      • Easy to use ingame Menu
      • Ingame Console for fine tuning
      • Online Save/Load System



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