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EngineOwning for Battlefield 4

Discussion in 'Battlefield 4' started by Speedi13, Aug 7, 2015.

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  1. Speedi13

    Speedi13 Coder Staff Member Coder

    Supported Windows Versions:
    • Windows 7 x64
    • Windows 8.1 x64
    • Windows 10 x64

    Anticheat Status:

    • PunkBuster - Secure
    • PunkBuster Screenshot - Secure
    • FairFight - Secure
    • FairFight Screenshot - Secure
    • Warning: You will get FairFight banned for cheating obvious or using one of the risky features!
    • 1 Month Subscription: €9.99 EUR
    • 3 Month Subscription: €24.99 EUR
    • 6 Month Subscription: €44.99 EUR

    Supported Game Versions:

    • Origin
    • Origin CTE ( community test environment )
    System requirements

    Coded by

    (Features that are marked in red are exclusive features that no other cheat provider offers)

    • ESP
      • Name ESP (Identify the enemy by name)
      • Vehicle Name ESP (Shows enemy vehicle names)
      • Box ESP (2D / 3D) (The style how the box looks like)
      • Bone ESP (Shows you the bones of the enemies)
      • Display Friends (from the hack's friend list)
      • Display Enemys (from the hack's enemy/shit list)
      • Line ESP (Draws lines from soldiers to the bottom of your screen)
      • Distance ESP (Shows how far away the enemy is)
      • Health ESP (Displays the enemies health)
      • Supplybox ESP (Displays supplyboxes)
      • Explosive ESP (Displays enemy explosives)
      • Gadget ESP (Shows enemy gadgets - Beacon, Soflam etc.)
      • Pickups ESP (Shows the pickups on the map)
      • View ESP (Shows where the players are looking at)
      • Soldier Hitbox ESP (Draws 3D Boxes around the hitboxes of the players)
      • Weapon ESP (Shows what weapon an enemy is carrying)
      • Enemy Only (Enable ESP only for enemies)
      • 2D Radar (Displays a 2D ESP map)

    • Aimbot
      • AutoAim (Lets the aimbot aim completely automtically)
      • Auto-Shoot (Shoot when aimbot is locked on)
      • Aim FOV (lock on to enemies within certain part of screen)
      • Smooth Aim (slows down the aimbot movement)
      • Stick on target (Stay locked on to a particular enemy)
      • Aim bone (Head/Chest/Pelvis/Random)
      • Aim Bone Scan (If desired bone isn't visible, then scan for visible parts of an enemy)
      • Auto Pre-Aim (Lets the Aimbot pre-aim the enemys)
      • AutoWall (Lets the Aimbot automatically aim through some walls Note: This feature only works in combination with Magic Bullet)
      • pSilent (Perfect silentaim, its invisible for spectators but it is not 360°)
      • Priority aim at Enemylist (The Aimbot will prefer the enemys on the list)
      • Don't aim at Friendlist (The Aimbot will ignore the people on the friendlist)
      • Aim Style (Distance / Crosshair)
      • NoSpread ([Shaky spread prediction] Compensates the bullet spread - The only REAL NoSpread available for BF4 !!!)
      • Visibility Checks (Check if enemy is visible)
      • Don't Aim while Reloading (Checks which won't allow the aimbot to aim while you reload or your ammo is empty)
      • Vehicle Aimbot (Aim with any vehicle)
      • Aim at Vehicles (Choose whether to ignore aiming at Tanks/Ground Vehicles/Soldiers/Jets)
      • No Rotation (Disables the modification of the roll angle in jets)

    • Removals
      • No Minimap (Enables the Minimap in Hardcore Mode)
      • No Hud (Enables the HUD in Hardcore Mode)
      • No Mini-Map Spotting (Enables the Minimap Spotting in Hardcore Mode)
      • No 3D Spotting (Enables the 3D Spotting in Hardcore Mode)
      • No NameTags (Enables the Friendly / Enemy NameTags in Hardcore Mode)
      • No Hit Indicators (Enables the Hit Indicators in Hardcore Mode)

    • Gun Mods
      • No-Spread (The BAD NoSpread version all the other BF4 Cheats are using !!! - The good version our cheat uses can be found in the Aimbot Tab)
      • No-Recoil (Visual Only or Perfect - Removes the recoil)
      • No-Breath (Disable soldier breathing)
      • Magic Bullet (Kill through walls, and with 1 bullet)
      • Custom Weapon Kills (Fire your gun, and the kill will show as a knife, C4, Med Kit, Ammo Box, whatever you want!)
      • Vehicle Magic Bullet (Magic Bullet for vehicles)
      • Magic Bullet headshot (Perfect for getting lots of XP with long range sniper headshots)

    • Misc
      • Enable Minimap (Makes every enemy visible on the minimap)
      • Spectator Warning (Displays a warning message of who is currently spectating you in Spectator Mode)
      • AutoSpot (Spot all enemies on the map, you get spot points)
      • Draw Healthbar (Draws a bar on top of your screen how much health you currently have)
      • Crosshair (Draws a crosshair on the screen - helpful in hardcore)
      • Jet Speed Control (Fly at the correct speed for perfect turning)
      • Warn on PBSS (Warns you if PunkBuster makes a screenshot)
      • Save PB Screenshots (Will save all screenshots from PunkBuster)
      • Edit Enemy / Friend list (Set the people that should get prefered or ignored by the aimbot)
      • Edit Adminchat Text (Opens up a notepad to edit the text you can write in the admin chat by pressing the END Key)
      • Edit ESP Colors (Opens up a colour editor for the ESP)
      • Force Unlocks (Unlocks all weapon attachments/skins)
      • Spawn Battle Pickups (Allows you to select battle pickups through your inventory and spawn with them)
      • Unlock All Vehicle Equipment Everywhere (Replace your vehicles upgrades with other primary/secondary weapons to increase damage)
      • Auto Heal / ''GodMode'' (Instantly heal yourself to 100% HP while hitting the left mouse button)
      • Ping Spoofer (Never get kicked for having a bad ping again!)
      • Invisibility (No one can see you, funny for arming/disarming MCOMs and confusing the enemy)
      • Auto-Vote (Starts a votekick against a random player by pressing the DELETE key to prevent vote from being started against you)
      • Equipment Editor (allows you to set any tool/weapon to any weapon slot of any class)
      • Fly mode (yes you read correctly - this allows you to fly through the Air!) ( >>Video << )

    • Config
      • Save / Load Profiles

    • HWID Spoofer (Prevents Origin and FairFight from getting your real HWID)




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  2. Speedi13

    Speedi13 Coder Staff Member Coder

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