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EngineOwning for APB Reloaded

Discussion in 'APB Reloaded' started by Skyfail, Apr 1, 2015.

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  1. Skyfail

    Skyfail Owner Staff Member Administrator Coder

    This cheat is currently not available!

    Supported Windows Versions:

    • Windows 7 x64
    • Windows 8.1 x64
    • Windows 10 x64
    Anticheat Status:
    • PunkBuster - Secure
    • GamersFirst Anticheat - Secure
    • FairFight - Secure
    • FairFight Screenshots - Clean
    • 3 Days Subscription: €2.99 EUR
    • 1 Month Subscription: €14.99 EUR
    • 3 Months Subscription: €29.99 EUR
    Supported Game Versions:
    • Steam
    • Non - Steam
    (Please note that the Brazilian and the Russian versions of the game aren't supported yet)

    System requirements


    • ESP
      • Box ESP (Shows Boxes around other Players)
      • Name ESP (Shows Player names through walls)
      • Snaplines (Shows lines to players)
      • Skeleton ESP (Draws players bones)
      • Grenade ESP (See dangerous grenades)
      • Grenade Snaplines (Draws lines to grenades)
      • Vehicle Box ESP (Shows Boxes around vehicles)
      • Vehicle Snaplines (Shows lines to vehicles)

    • 2D Radar
      • Show players (Draws enemies and friends)
      • Show grenades (Draws grenades)
      • Show vehicles (Draws vehicles)
      • Show FOV (Draws your field of view)
      • Show Window (Draws a radar background)
      • Show dot (Draws a dot in the middle)
      • Center Radar (Draws the radar around your crosshair)

    • Aimbot
      • Auto Aim (Full/On zoom/Hard lock/Hard lock on zoom)
      • Autofire (Automatically shoots when you have a target)
      • Fire delay (0-1000 ms delay before shooting)
      • Autozoom (Automatically zoom when you have a target)
      • Autozoom Delay (0-1000 ms delay before zooming)
      • Aim Bone (Chest first/Head first/Chest only/Head only)
      • Aim Priority (Distance or Crosshair)
      • Aim on vehicles (Easily destroy cars)
      • Autoshoot (Shoots automatically as soon as the aimbot has a target)
      • Shoot Delay (0-500ms delay between shots)
      • Configurable Aim Angle (Only kill players in a specifific Field of View)

    • Triggerbot
      • Triggerbot (Automatically shoot when you aim at players)
      • Fire delay (0-1000 ms delay before shooting)

    • Misc
      • Crosshair (Shows a crosshair in the middle of your screen)
      • Configurable Colors

    • Menu
      • Easy to use ingame Menu
      • Save/Load System
      • Mouse controlled Menu




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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
This thread is more than 30 days old.