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Cheat for DayZ Mod - Feature Requests

Discussion in 'Announcements and News' started by Skyfail, Jan 25, 2016.

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  1. Skyfail

    Skyfail CEO Staff Member Administrator Coder


    We plan to release cheats for Arma 2 OA/DayZ Mod soon, @thebigben will work on that.
    Please post your feature requests and ideas in this thread so he can focus on what our community wants.

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  2. Haxelent

    Haxelent EO Guru Promoter Customer

    So i don't have the Arma 2 DayZ Mod only the standalone version, but i have some ideas:
    1. Basics:
    - Aimbot
    - Esp
    - NoRecoil
    - NoSpread
    - Radar
    - Crosshair
    - Item Spawning
    - Teleport:
    - Vehicle
    - Player​
    - Vehicle Spawning
    - Speed Hack
    - Fly Hack
    - Infinite Health (Godmode)
    - No Hunger (Infinite Hunger / Hunger is never less) / Unlimited Hunger
    - No Thirst (Infinite Thirst / Thirst is never less) / Unlimited Thirst
    - Invisibility
    - Magnet (Item near you will teleport to you)
    - (If possible) Unlimited Ammo
  3. Speedi13

    Speedi13 Coder Staff Member Coder

    Some ideas of mine, what you could add:
    • Vehicle spawn
    • God mode
    • Fly mode
    • Item spawner
    • Teleport everyone
    • Nuke everyone
    • Vehicle repair / god mode
    • no recoil
    • remote control (take control over other players)
    • spawn missiles above other players / at where you aim
    • always daytime
    • Infistar anti-cheat exploits / protection
    • Origins anti-cheat protection
  4. Picomaster

    Picomaster Active Member Customer

    I agree with the posts above! But I have one question, why Arma 2 Dayz Mod, not Standalone or Arma 3?
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  5. thebigben

    thebigben Administrator Staff Member Administrator Coder

    Those will be hard, Aimbot will be hard as ArmA's Player VIew is pretty hard to understand but I will try my best,
    No Hunger and Thirst is prolly only a Variable, Not sure if thats rly needed as I never needed it nor any of my old customers but I can manipulate it if needed,
    There is no such thing as "Invisibility" in ArmA, there is a Skin that is Invisible, but DayZ got an Server Sided check for that skin afaik.

    Oh and godmode is pretty shitty, because sometimes a Headshot will still kill you, even tho I disabled everything even the Damage handling
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    ArmA3 and SA will follow ;)
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 28, 2016 ---
    Those also will be hard because:
    Teleport everyone is still possible but their Local Anticheat will force them back,
    Nuke everyone, well, if you mean like kill all then there is no problem but if you mean like Play Sound and knock everyone out n stuff, thats more like a Script thing, would be pretty hard to do in memory because I would need to convert everything to engine,
    same for remote control, the feature itself is possible, but InfiSTAR would kick the remote player for it because of their anticheat running on their Game Instance
    Spawn Missile needs to be done via createVehicleEngine, will run into a CreateVehicle Restriction on most DayZ Servers but I can still implement it

    Always daytime would need to run in a loop as the Server syncs the time every few minutes
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2016
  6. ProdigyThirteen

    ProdigyThirteen Member Customer

    Wait, I'm confused, are you doing a memory or scrip based hack?
    If you're doing memory, can't you just kill InfiShit and allow script execution? I.E: Add a dlialogue box/do something to execute a script of your choice. I have several menus for A2OA that have InfiShit UD features (to the point I cheat in front of admins and they don't notice it), I just want a method to execute on other servers. My current method only works on 50-60% (though it's 100% GB safe)
    If you're doing script based, spawning missiles is easy, godmode is easy (but like you said, you can still be 1shot by 50cals randomly) though it still stops death from low calibre weapons, player setDamage 0 heals, feeds and quenches your thirst.

    Anyway, some features that would be nice:
    Admin list - List names/PIDs of admins online
    Crash game - What it says. You specify a name and they crash
    InfiShit ban - Remote Execute scripts on a player that are Infi detected (if possible. I know it used to be) and gets them banned
    Spawn coins - most epoch/overwatch servers use a coin based system for trading, not briefcase. I know it's just a variable, but I forgot it's name
    Map teleport - I know for a fact this can be done and UD as one of my menus has it
    Ammo - Unlimited ammo can't be done because of infishit (if it's script based, anyway), but you can do spawn ammo. Press a button/type something in chat and it adds 3 magazines to your inventory
    RCon stealer - What is says. Steals the login for the rcon. Used to be possible, think it still is, not 100% sure
    Spectate feature - I'm not 100% sure if control player can be done in A2 (I know it can in 3, it's hilarious when you use it), but I know spectate can.
  7. LandonSlayz

    LandonSlayz Member

    Since someone suggested aimbot, I have a way around the difficulties. You could just set it to where it shoots a bullet(The gun doesn't do it, the cheat does) at the player that is nearest to your crosshair. The bullet could be spawned right next to him and hit him in a selected part of his body. You could also do the same with gunner seats of helicopters.
  8. Yasser

    Yasser New Member

    How would you deal with BattlEye employees purchasing cheats to detect them?
  9. asdfguy

    asdfguy Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Our terms of service:
  10. Yan0

    Yan0 EO Guru

    And how will the staff react if this happens? Just a Websites ToS, more than a ban isn't really possible & how to find out if anyone belongs to an Anti Cheat Company
  11. asdfguy

    asdfguy Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Companies have to comply to these ToS's, or not use said services. Otherwise, they are technically breaking the law. We could sue them.
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    Moderator Message

    Off Topic, please return to starting topic.

  12. Skyfail

    Skyfail CEO Staff Member Administrator Coder

    I won't disclose our methods to find Anti Cheat employees here. However, we have multiple methods to do so.
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 9, 2016 ---
    They aren't.
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  13. james jake

    james jake New Member

    when will the hack be released or will it be available to buy?
  14. Pure_Rage

    Pure_Rage New Member

    Is this still being worked on? I would sub to this hack.
  15. Death

    Death EO Guru Customer

    Ye someone is coding it but no eta
  16. PhantomZ

    PhantomZ New Member

    Is this something that is still being worked on?
  17. Speedi13

    Speedi13 Coder Staff Member Coder

  18. tunin

    tunin New Member

    Any news about this?
  19. asdfguy

    asdfguy Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Haven't heard anything in a while, refer to @thebigben or @Skyfail for more information.
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