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Buying Bo2 Acc (Overpay)

Discussion in 'Searching' started by Mister22, Dec 25, 2016.

  1. Mister22

    Mister22 Member

    I Am Interested In a BO2 ACC With Crazy/High Stats And If Possibile MasterPrestige.

    Lvl55 Is Ok
    It Needs NukedOut , MasterKiller And Good Medals/Stats.

    I Can Overpay Really With Steam Card , Paypal And Possibily With a Middle Man.

    I Can Also Swap My Acc With BO2 (NoBans Never Cheated And Add Money)
  2. MYSTYL7

    MYSTYL7 Member Customer

    I've a prestige master bo2 acc on a smurf acc no bans all medals done all weapon camos unlocked 3.56kd all zombies dlcs , write back if intrested.
  3. Mister22

    Mister22 Member

    Ur Alive?