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Top-notch undetected cheats for Black Ops 2, Black Ops 3, Battlefield and more

Hello guys!

We're proud to announce our Star Wars Battlefront 3 Beta cheat by @Speedi13!
It's available free of charge for every customer until the Beta ends!

Some of the features are:
  • Aimbot
  • ESP
  • Magic Bullet
  • Auto Heal

We hope you'll enjoy the cheat as long as the SWBF Beta lasts! :)

EngineOwning Staff Team

We try to keep our services online as much as possible but sometimes we just can't avoid downtimes.
So if you have trouble with any service connected to EngineOwning you can have a look at our new status page (status.engineowning.com) to see if it's operating properly.

Currently you can see the status for the following services/servers:
  • Website
  • Loader
  • Mail Server
  • Teamspeak Server
  • kokoles Loader (for every cheat provided by kokole)
The status page is hosted on a independent server so if the EngineOwning main page is down, the status site will most likely be up.
I hope the status will be useful for some of you!


@kokole updated the Black Ops 2 Cheat which has been tested for some time now and the results are pretty positive.
Every customer will receive the lost time back later this day.
Also every current BO2 subscriber will receive one month of our new Dirty Bomb hack as a little compensation :)

Also an important notice: if you used the Black Ops 2 Hack before you should read this thread: https://www.engineowning.com/threads/security-measures.1487/

EngineOwning Staff Team

We are proud to announce that EngineOwning now supports Dirty Bomb!
This awesome cheat has been coded by @kokole and is now available for only 10€!

Check it out: https://www.engineowning.com/threads/engineowning-for-dirty-bomb.1409/

we are proud to announce the release of our third generation MW3 cheat.
Please note that the cheat is not fully finished yet so a few features may be missing. The cheat has completly been rewritten to be even stronger than before.


we just released the most awesome Battlefield 4 Cheat by @Speedi13!
Check it out now! https://www.engineowning.com/threads/engineowning-for-battlefield-4.1185/

We just pushed an update for our Black Ops 2 cheat which contains small bug fixes, improvements and fixes the VAC detection.

Everyone got 15 days added to their subscription, if your sub expired before today please contact me via private message so I can reactivate you.

The long waiting time is over, our new more advanced Loader has been finally released after hours of bugfixing and tweaking. Every customer will recieve an unique loader build from now on to make it even more secure.


And ofcourse it comes along with the new update of our exclusive Black Ops 2 cheat made by @kokole.
(Don't worry about your subscription time, the lost days caused by the downtime have been added to it including one extra day)

The cheat should be completely undetected again and as always just check our Detection Status thread if you want to make sure about it's status, feel free to ask any questions about the new loader and / or the Black Ops 2 cheat in our Support Section.

Best Regards,
EngineOwning Staff Team
Hi there!

Since we introduced our "2 weeks extra subscription time for reviews"-program we got lots of reviews and that's something we want to thank you for.
However, the staff team decided to shrink it down a bit, so now everyone will receive 3 days for free when writing a honest review.
If your review is very detailed and lucid, you'll have the chance to get more than that, 3 days is only the minimum.

EngineOwning Staff Team
Hello there!

EngineOwning for Black Ops 2 by @kokole has been finished and is now buyable!
It features Non Pulling Silent Aim, No Spread and a TAC Screenshot cleaner!

Check it out now: https://www.engineowning.com/threads/engineowning-for-call-of-duty-9-black-ops-2.891/