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Have Fun, the EngineOwning Team.
We are proud to announce the release of our brand new cheat for Star Wars: Battlefront II by @Speedi13!

As always our cheat has unique features to extend your gameplay, check out the feature list here: https://engineowning.com/threads/engineowning-for-starwars-battlefront-ii.6323

We are proud to announce the release of our Call of Duty: WWII Cheat by @weather .

Check out its awesome features now!
EngineOwning for Call of Duty: WWII

Hello folks,

our coder @kokole resigned from his job at EngineOwning.
His projects have been acquired by @weather who will continue to maintain and release quality cheats for the Call of Duty series and other games.

We'd like to thank kokole for his great work in the past and wish him the best for his future.
Also we'd like to welcome @weather to the EngineOwning family.
as long as it lasts, any existing customer can now use Speedi13s cheat for the Star Wars Battlefront II BETA!
Have fun
CHECK OUR FULL CHEAT HERE: https://www.engineowning.com/threads/engineowning-for-call-of-duty-wwii.6234/

Hello there! Here's the cheat for the Open Beta of COD WWII.

Click here to download v4

1. Extract the zip into some folder
2. Open game and wait for it to load
3. Run inject.exe as administrator
4. Enjoy EngineOwning!

v4 changes:
  • Fixed a case of "failed to manual map" error from injector
  • Fixed delayed ESP after alt+tabbing from fullscreen
v3 changes:
  • Fixed a case of game freezing
v2 changes:
  • Fixed incorrect ESP positions due to a FOV issue

Note: There will be more features for the full cheat when COD WWII is released.
Open beta for Call of Duty: WWII begins on September 29th for PC, and you can already preload it on Steam here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/696790

Make sure you visit EngineOwning regularly while the open beta is active, we might have something prepared for you ;)
Update 04/09/2017:
Some shady company attempts to damage our business by making PayPal believe we'd sell counterfeit Activision products.
We are working together with our lawyers to resolve this issue with PayPal as soon as possible.

Original Post:
We are happy to announce that we'll now accept PayPal payments for our cheats again.

Also we are now legally forced to collect the value added tax (VAT) for customers from the EU, it will automatically be added to the product price based on your country of origin.

Happy cheating!
Unfortunately we currently experience problems with PayPal processing and therefore payments are disabled for now.
If everything works as expected PayPal will be available over the next week.

For now you can pay via Bitcoin on the "Purchase" page

Sorry for any inconveniences caused.
Hello folks,

Since the problems with kokoles server have been resolved, everyone who has a subscription with a cheat from kokole has been compensated for the downtime and now has two extra days added for inconveniences.

Furthermore subscriptions for cheats from kokole are available again.

Regards, the EO Staff
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